The Dubai Lifestyle App Software owned by Scott Hathaway, makes us really wonder how incessantly and deliberately this new scam can reach the binary options industry on a daily basis. Dubai Life Style system is a just typical money stealing scheme which is nothing but a rotten scam. Merely a cheap looking deceptive website which pops up from thin air with having only one goal to steal your money as much as they can without mercy. Hence, we have decided that this is the right time to expose this deceptive yet fraudulent software (Dubai Lifestyle system) in front of our valuable readers so that they can’t become another victim of this new vicious software.


To be a part of the team you don’t have to have been a trader before all you need to do is invest $250 with the company and within no time it will generate a guaranteed profit. One needs to have knowledge of trading otherwise you won’t know what you are doing and before you know it your money is in the hands of the scammer.

He has put together people with testimonies just to show you how others like and benefit from the application. This is to tell you how successful people become but it is one of his many ways to lure you be a member who he will gradually steal from.Dubai lifestyle application system scam will remain to be a scam no matter who he mentions and the reasons he uses. A scam can be seen from miles away and must be avoided at all costs.

Dubai Lifestyle App is a scam ?

Indications of its true nature are strewn literally everywhere at The video is loaded with details that scream “scam”. The alleged Dubai offices of the operation are presented through a number of small photos only, which look and feel a lot like stock photography. The testimonials seem fake, as the actors used for them are quite abysmal in some cases. The promises are too good to be true, and there aren’t any details delivered in the way of how the system accomplishes its over 99% success rates.

The website itself is filled with cheap attempts to induce urgency and to prompt action. There’s time-counter going backwards, counting back the seconds till the expiry of the offer. The funny thing is that once it reaches zero, it just stops there. If one refreshes the page, it starts over. Similarly, there’s a widget in the top left corner which shows the number of available spots left in the user’s geographic location. Every time one refreshes the page, a  different number shows up there at random.

Stay away from Dubai Lifestyle App.

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